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Angela & Tyson Devitt

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Angela & Tyson
Stone Bridge Flour

Angela and Tyson Devitt run Stone Bridge Flour, a small flour mill located in Kincardine, Ontario, focusing on stone-milling local grains grown on their own family farm. Tyson grew up on a farm in Bruce County and in 2006, Tyson and Angela bought their first farm near Ripley, Ontario; growing wheat, corn,
and soybeans. In 2020, Angela had the idea to start milling their own wheat to create flour and begin her own home-based business. After much research and self-training, Angela sold her first bag of flour in 2021. Creating a flour mill from scratch led Angela and Tyson down the path of setting up a milling
facility, finding the right stone-mill, creating a brand, marketing, learning the ropes of entrepreneurship, food safety and food processing in Ontario and so much more!


Both Angela and Tyson studied at the University of Guelph, Angela has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and Tyson, Agriculture and Horticulture, bringing their combined attributes together to build a growing and successful business.


Angela and Tyson are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase their journey of bringing Stone Bridge Flour to life at the Great Lakes Grain Gathering this fall and will bring their knowledge of milling, farming, and running a food biz in Ontario to the Gathering.


Stone Bridge Flour mills flour for the home baker and the artisanal bakery. They offer 6 types of flour, bran flakes and 9 baking mixes, sold at retailers and online through their website


Follow their journey on Instagram @stone.bridge.flour and Facebook.
Angela and Tyson’s passion is to provide premium stone-milled flour; grown local, sustainable, and nutritious to their community. High quality food, grown in their own backyard.

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