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Carole Ferrari


Motherdough Mill & Bakery

I was born in Monte Carlo, Monaco where my chef/restaurateur parents had a wood-fired pizzeria, and I was raised in South Africa, the United States, and Canada. My parents started a new restaurant whenever we moved. I had to work for my family growing up, doing lots of dishes, cleaning tables, serving customers, and eventually, cooking. This is how I learned about food.

When I was in my twenties, I built a kitchen in a school bus and began my own food business, catering all sorts of events, baking for wholesale accounts and farmers' markets, and teaching students and adults cooking and baking skills, and about issues in the food system.

The business evolved into Motherdough Mill & Bakery, an organic, locally sourcing and whole grain bakery and stone mill in Toronto that I own and run. More than a bakery, it is a continuation of my primary motivation to help build a better food system for everyone. Motherdough is a 100% whole grain bakery with a 26 inch New American Stone Mill. We make croissant and brioche pastries, sourdough breads and tarts. In this class I will teach and demonstrate a 100% whole grain enriched dough.

I have the world of respect and love for the work we do with our hands and the power of craft to teach us about truth, beauty, and our responsibility to each other. I'm really looking forward to spending time teaching and learning with you.

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