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Dawn Woodward



Dawn Woodward is a grain activist, committed to putting sustainable regional grains back on our tables. She and her husband, Ed Rek, started Evelyn’s Crackers, named after their daughter, in 2008. Evelyn’s is  located in Toronto, Ontario. 

Dawn sources directly from Ontario  farmers and millers and is constantly developing different formulas for breads, crackers, pastries, baking mixes, cookies and more.  In addition to leading the production at Evelyn’s Crackers, she has taught baking at George Brown Culinary College, the UK Grain Lab, The Maine Grains Kneading Conference and more. She was the 2016 keynote speaker at the WSU Grain Gathering in Mt. Vernon, where she has led whole grain baking workshops for the past several years. 

Dawn can be found behind the cracker table at the Wychwood Farmers Market every Saturday. Dawn offers her services to businesses wanting to shift to small and regional grains and to bakers desiring to work with wholegrains. 

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