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GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.


Phil & Gail
Farmstead Brewing Co.

Gail and Phil established GoodLot farm in 2009, returning to the area where Gail grew up. They established their organic hop farm to supply local brewers with a local supply chains of local ingredients. To further this mission, in 2011 they co-founded the Ontario Hop Growers Association with a handful of other local growers, to share knowledge and grow the industry together.

In 2017, they diversified their hop farm to become the first farm-to-barrel brewery in the Greenbelt. Their passion is using local ingredients and chasing terroir that truly represents local beer, while supporting local farmers.  For instance, all of their beers feature 100% Ontario hops.

They brew in an eco-renovated converted barn brewery, powered by 20kW of solar power, with a goal to be totally “carbon-negative” in the near term.

Same goes for their farming methods.  They are regenerative carbon farmers, working to sequester more carbon into the soil than is emitted in their farming operations.  All the decisions they make are based on these guiding principles.

This is what they call hyper-local, farm-raised beer.

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