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Michelle & Dianne

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Michelle &
Second Spring Foods

Second Spring Foods is a family owned mill and sprouting operation in Seaforth, Ontario! 


After years of contributing to their family sprouting business (Everspring Farms) that supplies food manufacturers and bakeries, sisters Dianne and Michelle started Second Spring Foods to share sprouted grains, beans and flours directly with individual consumers. Second Spring Foods sells their sprouted whole grain flour and grains online ( and in select stores across Canada. 


Their passion to share sprouted whole grain flours with their local community grew, and they opened The Sprouted Mill & Bakery in the Fall of 2022. They offer sourdough and baked goods made with the sprouted and whole grain flour milled in-house. Along with the bakery, they are constantly test baking and sharing sprouted/sourdough recipes with the community with the help of in-house baker, Mary-Katherine.

Both Dianne and Michelle have a special interest for creating partnerships with local farmers to source their grains directly. They hope to continue expanding their product offerings with ecologically focused grains. 


You can follow their daily ongoings on Instagram @secondspringfoods. They are looking forward to connecting with everyone at the Great Lakes Gathering!

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